2017 Veenker Men's League

Tuesday Nights 5:30 - 5:45 Registration, Shotgun Start at 6:00

Weekly Team Standings


$80 per player

Start Date

May 9th (Fun Team Day/Dinner/Meeting). 11 Weeks of Competition (May 16th-Aug. 8th with extra rain date built in). August 15th final league night, dinner, and awards.


Teams range from 4 to 6 players with only 4 players actually competing for points each week. Having extra players allows people to have weeks off for conflicts in schedules.

Format of Play

Each week, four (4) individual matches will be played between two (2) teams. You will be playing against one member of the opposing team with each individual match worth 2 points, (one point for the winner of match play and one point for low net).


Every player in the league will have a league handicap. This will determine who shall receive strokes during the matches each week. Each scorecard will be prepared prior to play indicating the holes where strokes are to be given. While keeping score, if you “get” a stroke on a hole you are to write both your scores down, i.e. 7/6 and as such, your final score at the end, i.e. 41/36. If you win a hole in match play circle the score. This assists in assigning accurate points to the appropriate teams.


We will have two divisions based on last year’s rankings. Division rankings will determine head-to-head play for the league championship.

Tie Breakers

  1. Head-to-Head Matchup (Who won the match).
  2. Team with most wins.
  3. Putt off. Each team picks two players for sudden death putt off.

Additional features of league

  • Weekly awards
  • Skins game with weekly winners (Paid out in Cash. Usually only need to win 1 or 2 to get money back.)
  • Ale 'n Apps Nights
  • League Sponsor (Stella Artois)
  • EVERYONE wins at the end of the season
  • Fun Format and Social Networking

If you have questions, contact:

Greg Dingel, PGA Professional
(515) 294-6727

Sign Up

Sign up using the online form or a printable form.

Which team will drink from the cup?

Past Champions

2016: Eric Deters, Kirk Youngberg, Tristan Frangos, Bryce Arenson, and Matt Weber

2015: Rich Fellingham, Dan Knutson, Ron Boelman, Tim Grandon, Ed Chick

2014: Kihwan Kim, Aaron Oh, Min Jung Lee Jae Hyun Kim, Ju Seung Kim, Jungmin Park

2013: RJ Voss, Mike Butcher, Brad Stehr, Rich Balsley, Jon Schultz

2012: Steve Lynn, Mike Purcell, Rick Thompson, Mike Green, Bob Hartzler, Mike Gaul

2011: Rob Kain, Jim Kain, Joel Sullivan, Vince Simon, Jeremie Knutson, Chuck Stevens

2010: Jerry Martinson, Rolf Hanson, Vince Sterk, Neil Calhoun, Gary Lettow, Tom Fowler

2009: Frank Schabel, John Sawyer, John Nervig, Erv Klaas, Bob Hartzler, Art Staniforth

2008: Mike Wittmer, Pat Lawler, Mitch Hoyer, Kirk Schmaltz, John Kinley, Karl Schloerke

2007: Frank Schabel, Vince Simon, John Nervig, Erv Klaas, John Sawyer, ,Art Staniforth, Joel Sullivan

2006: Jim Grant, John Alexander, Mike Green, Mike Purcell, Rich Balsley, Steve Lynn

2005: Rich Balsley, Steve Lynn, Mike Purcell, Paul McGee, Dan O’Mara, Mike Green

2004: Rob Lynch, Tom Lynch, Joe Glotfelty, Mark Pollmann, Chad Pitts, Chris Currans